monetary morphogenesis

[ˈmänəˌterē mɔːfə(ʊ)ˈdʒɛnɪsɪs]

the topology of privately issued competing currencies

What if algorithms could be applied to the basic exchange process in the economy, and what effect would this have on the economic, environmental and societal challenges that we face?

What if society’s money system could be created via the voluntary interactions of millions of participants - by the invisible hand of collective intelligence – as opposed to the current centralized, top-down, bank-centric approach? Will individual actors – acting collectively via IT – achieve a better outcome for monetary management than the central bankers of this world? Will the spontaneous order arising out of individualism provide results superior to the centrally-planned status-quo? Can we make the Invisible Hand handle money?

Intermediated exchange processes vs. The peer-to-peer exchange process

Peer-to-Peer System of Exchange and Credit

Quantum Money. A Web-Based System of Money and Credit.

The Case for Private Currencies